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Be Proud Of Who You Are - Senior 2021 - Vintage Journal - Graduation Gifts for Daughter From Mom

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Get your daughter a special graduation gift! 

Graduation is one of life’s most meaningful stages. It's the important moments of growth and transition in life. If you are looking for something special for this occasion, this notebook can be a great choice. It is also a perfect gift for writers, poets, travelers, as a diary or life planner. 

The message is embossed on the leather cover, so it will last forever.

"To my daughter

Senior 2021

Thanks for making me a proud mother

You have gone through a long haul,

Taken one step further to success

And while you continue your journey in life

--- Always remember ---

No matter how tough the road ahead is

Never be afraid to chase your dreams

Be the woman I know you can be

Be proud of who you are

Never bend your head; always hold it high

Look the world straight in the eye

Believe in yourself

As much as I believe in you

I can't promise to be here for

The rest of your life

But I can promise to love you

For the rest of mine

Love, mom."

This notebook will make the perfect gift for your daughter, and she will love it!


  • Cover material: Leather
  • Size: 125 x 200 mm (4.9 x 7.9 in)
  • Inner pages: 74
  • Type: Diary
  • The durable strap keeps the journal closed. 
  • The paper can be refilled.
  • Made to order


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  • International Delivery Time: 10 - 15 Business Days
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